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A few weeks after the fall of Saddam, Bahman Ghobadi sets off on a journey to Iraq by the excuse of screening his second film “Marooned in Iraq.” He wants to find an answer for all the questions that he has about this land and its people. This documentary narrates the circumstances that people of Iraq are living under after the fall of Saddam.


Produced and directed by Bahman Ghobadi

Writer: Behnam Behzadi 
Design, sound and picture editing: Behnam Behzadi 
Photography: Hamid Ghavami, Bahman Ghobadi 
Sound recording: Rahmat Moadi 
Music: A selection of Hossein Alizadeh and Arsalan Kamkar’s work 
Narration: Naeem Karimi 
Technical Affairs: Rasaneye Pooya 

Festival Screenings

Dornandez International Film Festival, France, 2003

The 26th Leipzig International Film Festival, Germany, 2003

Singapore International Film Festival, 2004

Tribeca International Film Festival, America, 2004

The 5th Iranian Student’s Association Union, New York, 2004

The 53rd Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 2004

Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil, 2004

The 3rd Kurdish Film Festival, London, 2004

The 20th International Documentary Film Festival Munich, Germany, 6th – 14th May, 2005. Section: In Competition of the Horizonte Programme

Cinema digital Seoul, Film Festival, South Korea, July, 2007

54th Flaherty International Film Seminar 21-27 June, 2008, NY

Musuem of Modern Art (Moma) 27-7 July,2008, NY


Producer: Mij Film
Video, 57 Minutes, Documentary