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After having been released from jail, a young girl and boy roam the heart of Tehran. Their mission: to form a new band. These two gallant youngsters will start a journey through Tehran's musical undergound and recrute, one by one, their new band members. Their dream is to leave Iran and perform at music festivals in London and Paris. Having no money nor passport, they turn to the street-smart people of the city. Eventually getting help to obtain a fake passport, their fantasy might just come true. But they will leave only under one condition- that they be able to perform for their people, for the first and last time. 


Written, directed and produced by Bahman Ghobadi
Screenplay by Bahman Ghobadi, Hossein M. Abkenar and Roxana Saberi
Cinematographer: Touradj Aslani
Edit: Hayedeh Safiyari
Programming: Sepehr Mikaeilian
Director Assistants: Mehdi Pourmusa, Sepehr Mikaeilian and Batin Ghobadi
Sound Engineer: Nezamedin Kiaei
Sound Mix: Bahman Ardalan
Production Manager: Behrooz Ghobadi


Negar Shaghaghi

Ashkan Koushanejad

Hamed Behdad

Babak Mirzakhan

Festival Screenings

Festival De Cannes from 13 to 24 May- Un Certain Regard- France 2009

Helsinki International Filmfestival, 17th – 27th September

San Sebastian Film festival 18th – 26th September‎, Spain 2009‎

Hamburg Film festival 24th September ‎3rd October, Germany 2009

38th edition of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, 7th – 18th October Canada‎ 2009‎

38th edition of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montreal Canada, 7th – 18th October 2009

14th Pusan, Korea, 8th -16th October 2009

Middle East International Film festival 8th – 17th October, EAU,‎2009‎

London Film festival 14th -29th October, UK,‎2009‎

Doha Tribeca Film Festival, October 29 - November‎1, Qatar, 2009‎

Kurdish Film Festival, 21th-25th October, NY, USA, 2009

Cpenhagen Film festival, 6th-15th November, Denmark, 2009

Screening Mars Company, Paris, 16th – 20th November

Stockholm Film festival, 16th-20th November, Sweden,2009

Tokyo Filmex Film Festival, 21th-29th November, Japan, 2009

4th Kurdish Film Festival, Frankfurt, Germany, 26th-29th November 2009

13th Tallinn Blach Nights Film festival, 1st November 6th December 2009

Screening days Mars company, Paris, 9th-11th December

The International Film Festival of Kerala, India, 11th – 18th December 2009, as Jury

Cinéart, Brussels, Belgium, 10th – 11th of January 2010

Rotterdam Film festival, 30th Jan- 7 february,

FILM MIDDLE EAST NOW film festival, Florence, Italy, 3 to 7 February

international independent film festiva, Turkey Istanbul, 20-21 February 2009

W&M’s 2010 Global Film Festival: Film and Music, USA, 18-21 February

2010 Cape Winelands Film Jury in Cape Town, 17 – 27 March 2009, Jury

Amnesty International’s Movies that Matter Festival – The Hague, Netherlands, 25th – 31st March

3rd edition of the “without borders” film festival, Rome at casa del cinema Italy, july 7,8,9, 2010


Year: 2009
Duration: 106 minutes
Production: MIJFILM
International sales: WILD BUNCH

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