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Kurdistan – In a village near the Iraq border. 

Faegh, a hawking player has three wives and 11 children. His work with his wives and children is to make musical instruments called Daf. Daf is the most famous Iranian music instrument with special connotation among Kurds. They make this instrument from sheep skin. 

The ceremonies for making such an instrument are very interesting and bizzare, at the same time.

Faegh, his wives and children, after making the instruments, take them to the city and sell them to large stores for little money. They live in absolute poverty.

They are very professional and skillful players and perform for very little money every now and then. Because of the prohibition to play any instrument the women in Iran play only in all female gatherings and male performers in men’s.

They accept trainees (especially children) coming from poor families and train them every night in order to learn to play Daf.

This film is a pattern of musical lifestyle of this out of the ordinary family who’s survival depends upon music and we enter into the life of this strange family by the excuse of music. They play this instrument on the birthday of an infant and as well as in the mourning ceremonies.


Produced, written and directed by Bahman Ghobadi
Programmer and first assistant to director: Bijan Zamanpira
Second assistant to director: Hamid Ghavami
Third assistant to director: Nahid Ghobadi
Executive manager: Behrouz Ghobadi
Director of Photography: Shahryar Asadi
Sound: Hossein Mahdavi
Editor: Hayedeh Safiyari
Production crew: Abedin Aliveisi, Motasam Naghshbandi, Omid Rastbin 
Daf (Tambourine) players directed by Seyed Bahaedin Hosseini
Delivery: Khaled Rajabi
With thanks to: 
Feiz-abad carpentry
Seyed Ahmad Rahiminia
Seyed Anvar Hosseini
Seyed Ahmad Hosseini
Sanandaj Blinds association;
Nasrollah Ebrahimi
Hooshang Shariati
Afshin Zandkarimi
Arreared (Exeptional) Children Education Office
People of Sou Village


Hamed Mohamadi
Monire Zamani 
Elham Bahmani 
Saman Bahmani 
Maryam Abasi 
Faegh Mohamadi
Ayeshe Azarneitoor
Fathollah Saedi 
Allah-morad Rashtiani
Dervish Crew
Karim Zandian 
Yadollah Maleki


Best Short Documentary Award from Docusur International Film Festival, October 2006, Spain

Best short Film Award from 4th All Roads Film Festival National Geographic, Washington Dc, October & November 2007, USA

Audience Appreciation Award from 4th All All Roads Film Festival National Geographic, Santa Fe, November & December 2007,New Mexico

Festival Screenings

1. Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea

The 3rd Kurdish Film Festival in Berlin, Germany, 2004

The 3rd Kurdish Film Festival in London, UK, 2004

The 19th Fribourg International Film Festival, Switzerland, 6th to 13th March, 2005. Section: Documentary

The 20th International Documentary Film Festival, Munich, Germany, 6th – 14th May, 2005. Section: In competition of the Horizonte Programme

The 43rd Viennale- Vienna International Film Festival, 14th – 26th October

The 15th World Cinema Days at the Cinema Raetia in Thusis, Switzerland, 23rd -28th October 

The 59th Locarno International Film Festival, Switzerland. Retrospective of Bahman Ghobadi 

International Film Festival Docusur, Spain, 22nd – 29th October, 2006

Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, 28th October,2006

Blackmovie International Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd – 11th February, 2007. Digital Shorts Section.

.4th Annual National Geographic All Roads Film festival, Washington, U.S.A, 4th – 7th October,2007

4th Annual National Geographic All Roads Film festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, November & December 2007