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Flag Without A Country is a Kurdish documentary-fiction dually following the stories of Helly Luv and Nariman from Kurdistan. Both Helly Luv and Nariman pursue to be a source of strength to their society; a society that perpetually deals with the harsh conditions of life, war and ISIS attacks.

Helly Luv is a Kurdish pop-singer. She wants to promote Kurdistan and bring in international attention while at the same time wanting to give Kurdish people an icon and a sense of community.

Nariman is a pilot who in an accident broke his leg and consequently can no longer fly. He runs a pilot school for the children of Kurdistan, but the parents of some of the children are hesitant to send their kids after hearing of the accident. Nariman is insistent and together with the children they build a civil plane for Kurdistan.

As the two stories intertwine, the difficult conditions of Kurdistan unravel and provide a background to both Nariman and Helly Luv's pursuit to support their society.


Director of Photography:

Jafar Aslani

Music :

Bahman Ghobadi

Ashkan Kooshanejad

Vedat Yildirim

Bajar and Kardes Turkler

Huseyin Karabey


Sound recorder:

Mohammad Towrivarian

VFX supervisor:

Farbod Khoshtinat

Production Manager:

Milad Fezollah Beigi


Bahman Ghobadi

Line Producer:

Golriz Ehtiati


Nariman Anwar

Helly Luv   

Festival Screenings

20th Busan Film Festival 2015

Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2015

Sundance Film festival 2016

22nd Vilnius Film Festival 2016

Edinburgh International Film festival 2016

Munich International Film festival 2016


Writer & Director                 Bahman Ghobadi

Production Company            MijFilm

Running Time                       93min

Country of Production              Iraqi-Kurdistan

Date of Completion              August 2015

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